Green Pearled wood centered with hand-carved 3 1/4" mahogany wood, tassled with mixed sized green pearled wooden beads. Dim. 20" long.(Limited edition) Handmade in the USA


'Y' necklace tassled with handmade disk glass over oxidized bronze necklace. Adjustable 27" Handmade in the USA


Multi-strand (x3) mixed rosewood, rosewood and wood, porcelain beads. Handmade toggle closure. Dim. 18" long. Handmade in the USA


Faceted hand-carved ebony caged in a combination of Blue Zircon teardrop glass vintage beads and Fresh Cultured water pearl beads. Dim. 17” One of a kind. Handmade in the USA


Multi strand Necklace. Faceted turquoise colored resin beads, mixed with silver plated round beads, mesh gold plated beads and assorted liquid gold chains.
Dim. 18” plus 3” extender, Max. 30 Handmade in the USA


Assimilated Shark teeth mixed satin finish gold plated with mixed grey and brown toned shell parts. 16" plus 3" extender.

Handmade in the USA


Graduated deep red coral resin beads on gold plated chain. 20" to 29" Handmade in the USA


Multi-strand (x4) Jadized japanese vintage glass beads. 17" Handmade in the USA


Double strand Fancy, irregular fashionable necklace. Mixed with large number of stones and glass beads such as simulated Turquoise and Mixed Agate  28”/30” long plus 3” extender. Handmade in the USA


Twisted handcrafted oxidized bronze loop mixed with ebony beads inlayed with bronze twisted wire. One of a kind! 28" long. Handmade in the USA


Gold plated multi-size loop centered with hand-carved ebony circled with twisted gold plated wire. Handmade in the USA


Triple disk oval enamel pendant. 2 marbleized topaz color (2 ¾”, 1 ¼”) and a center opaque black hung onto double gold plated chain. Dim. 28” plus 3” extender.

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