Shimon Kahloun is a multimedia artist/designer, who began creating and developing his first jewelry line in Israel, using both Stained Glass and Enameling process. Mr. Kahloun opened his NY studio in 1993. were he became established as a progressive Jewelry designer, sculpting unique hand­made Jewelry, carved from a mixture of Ebony wood, sterling silver, Gold and semi­precious stone. Since gaining recognition in the Crafts and Fashion world, Shimon continues to introduce innovation in his collection­­ working with more and new materials almost every season. Some of these materials include African Trade Glass Beads & other natural materials (list a couple of more), ­­to further his unique collection with a contemporary ethnic flavor.

"The finishing must be part of the work"

Mr. Kahloun, has combined unique materials, such as precious metals, glass, beads, stones, minerals, Ebony wood and other exotic natural materials. While he appreciates the natural materials utilized in his designs, he has developed a mastery when it comes to applying finishing techniques to each piece of artwork and his jewelry line.

Shimon's signature collection "Ebony Touch By Shimon", reflects his fascination with combining s contemporary ethnic style of design. His famous Inlay, sterling silver over Ebony wood, mixed with semi­precious stone are represent his design philosophy of Creating Art To Ware.

"My belief is that a piece of jewelry should be worn and displayed as a work of art with the purpose of designing & sculpting each shape or mix­blending the right colors in Stones or beads that will adorn the body and reflect the essence of both the jewelry and the person wearing. The intention behind my creations are to have to have each piece of jewlery carry you into a realm that reflects the constant motion of body and soul".

Shimon Kahloun's credits include: designing several jewelry collections and one of a kind pieces for Donna Karan, Mary McFadden (runway), Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren (samples), Nine West (runway), Alacaziya LA (runway), Mint NY (runway & production), and others across the United States and abroad.

His work is currently sold in museum shops, galleries and high­end boutiques in the USA and abroad, The American Craft Museum in NYC, Yale University Museum and the National Jewish Museum in Washington, DC.  Additionally, his collections have also been sold in the finest retail stores such as, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Ultimo and many other up scaled boutiques and gifts shops.




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